What are the precautions for maintenance and upkeep of high and low voltage fuses?

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For the maintenance and upkeep of high and low voltage fuses, the following are some precautions:

1. Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the appearance and connection of the fuse to ensure that there are no problems such as damage, looseness, or corrosion. Pay attention to checking if the fuse is intact and free from breakage or oxidation.

2. Cleaning and maintenance: Keep the surrounding environment of the fuse clean and regularly clean the dust and dirt on the fuse. Use a clean cloth or brush to gently wipe the fuse, do not use a damp cloth or corrosive solvent.

3. Avoid overload: When using fuses, ensure that the circuit load does not exceed the rated current of the fuse and avoid overload operation, which can extend the lifespan of the fuse.

4. Timely replacement: When the fuse melts, replace the fuse in a timely manner. Overload fuses or non-standard fuses cannot be used to replace it, in order to avoid affecting the normal operation of the fuse.

5. Prevention of environmental humidity and corrosion: When used in humid environments, corresponding protective measures should be taken to prevent fuses from being damaged due to humidity and corrosion.

6. Pay attention to safe operation: When replacing fuses or carrying out other maintenance operations, first cut off the power supply related to the fuse, and follow the relevant operating manual and safety operating procedures.

7. Regular maintenance and inspection: Regularly invite professional personnel to repair and inspect fuses to ensure their normal working condition.

Please note that when carrying out any maintenance and upkeep operations, it is essential to follow relevant safety regulations and operating instructions. If more specific maintenance and upkeep suggestions are needed, please refer to the fuse user manual or consult a professional.

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