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CFriend returns from Munich

issue Time:2016-06-28

      On June 22 solstice 24, CFriend worked with German customers to participate in the 2016 Intersolar Europe solar exhibition in Munich, Germany, and achieved a complete success.

      Intersolar, which has a 25-year history, is one of the largest and most far-reaching solar professional exhibitions in the world. CFriend participated in the exhibition, mainly showing the latest r&d products of PVNH products, pv series products, American standard, British standard, European standard system and EV series for electric vehicles. Including PVNH photovoltaic products with the attention of EV - PBoy products by visiting customers, its innovative product design, advanced process control technology, in many exhibitors products stand out, become a highlight of the show.

      For professional and technical personnel participating in the process, CFriend visitors details the product process, structure, material, performance and application, received high praise from international customers, visit customer site to achieve further cooperation intention.

      Through this exhibition, CFriend also absorbed a lot of information about the international pv industry at the exhibition, and learned about the development trend of the international photovoltaic industry, which is of great significance to the future international strategic positioning of CFriend. Friend let electrician product quality in the domestic brands and brand image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, at the same time of constantly expanding the domestic market share, wind and water on the international market, with India, Germany, the United States, Italy, South Africa, and many other international customers to reach a deep strategic cooperation. CFriend strives for perfection, continuous improvement of product philosophy, friendship is unlimited, and the culture concept of the whole world is highly praised by customers at home and abroad. I believe that through this trip, CFriend will continue to shine in the international market with its unique charm!

      The friendship is unlimited, and the world is a place where you can choose no regrets and trust in your life. CFriend will be the first to escort the electric power industry!