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The 11th SNEC Shanghai PV

issue Time:2017-04-21

     On April 21, 2017, the world's most influential internationalization, specialization and scale "2017 international solar industry and pv engineering (Shanghai) exhibition", conclude smoothly in Shanghai new international expo center. There are 1,800 exhibitors with an exhibition area of 150,000 square meters. More than 100,000 professionals and more than 5,000 enterprises, including purchasers, suppliers and system integrators, will gather in Shanghai. We are invited to participate as the leading innovator in energy industry. With "innovation, win-win" as the theme, the exhibition, friends let electrician shows CFriend brand pv series, NH low pressure series, oubiao cube and electric car series, fuse star product.

      Among them, the friend let electrician pv series 1500 VDC product also stunning appearance in the exhibition, its delicate shape, innovative technology and superior performance cause customer interest, foreign customers particularly strong repercussions. The field staff and the industry have conducted in-depth discussions on the development of the photovoltaic industry. Listen carefully and record the needs and Suggestions of the old customers, and the technical personnel of the company have also made comprehensive and detailed solutions to the problems posed by the customers. At the same time, according to the requirements of international friends let electrician announcements of the latest international version of the enterprise in the field, the show customers were to stop, let more foreign customers friends to let electrician have a more comprehensive understanding. This exhibition, from the product to service friend rong electrician has received the domestic and foreign customers high praise. According to the preliminary statistics, the clients who have come to communicate and negotiate are nearly a thousand people, and some customers have reached the cooperation intention and signed the order.

      Three days of sharing and sharing is over, because of the attention and support of friends of new and old customers. Here, I sincerely thank every colleague and the new and old customers who visit our booth for communication. Every step of the growth of our friends is inseparable from our trust, support and understanding. We will continue to adhere to the enthusiasm of the electric power safety and environmental protection enterprise and the confidence of the future sustainable development enterprise, and constantly work together to innovate and cooperate with each other!