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TS16949 system certification

issue Time:2017-06-07

      After several months of active preparation, the international authoritative expert group has reviewed the quality of the company and the company has successfully passed the TS16949 quality management system certification in June this year. This certification is an authoritative certification of automobile manufacturing industry, which means that the company has been the first supplier of auto parts suppliers in the company. This certification is also a sign that the quality management level in the fields of design, r&d, manufacturing and sales services has been in line with international synchronization.

      TS16949 is the technical specification of the international automobile industry. It is based on ISO9001 and has joined the technical specification of automobile industry. This specification is completely consistent with ISO9000:2000, but focuses more on defect prevention and reduce the quality fluctuation and waste that are easily produced in the automobile parts supply chain.
      Firstly, TS16949 is the technical specification of the international automobile industry. Its pertinence and applicability are very clear. The TS16949 certification authority has a strict qualification for the qualification of the company that has been certified. It pays special attention to the finished products of the manufacturer and the quality control ability of the finished products. Friends let electrician (kunshan) by running the TS16949 system to prevent defects, reduce the unqualified products, in strict accordance with the TS16949 technical regulations, carry out research and development of product design, manufacturing process improvement, manufacturing process validation, nonconforming product analysis and control, corrective actions and preventive measures, such as product inspection, all specifications as to meet the requirements of TS16949 quality system.

      Secondly, by running TS16949 system, it is helpful for the whole staff to focus on customers and constantly improve the customer's satisfaction with the products and services of the enterprise.

     Friend let electrician (kunshan) factory passed TS16949 certification, marked the friend let electrician has completely with the automotive industry standard requirements of suppliers, is friend let electrician (kunshan) factory in the quality management system and to a new level! In the future of automotive development and electric power protection, we will continue to carry forward the concept of quality winning.