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CFriend Electric(Kunshan)Co.,Ltd is a new high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in developing, manufacturing and sales of fuse products for offering protection solution for the industry of power system and industrial control.

CFriend is always adhering to quality policy of “keeping improving, continuous improvement, exploration and innovation and win-win development”. Focusing on product tests and “non-return products”are our aims. “Regarding service as our important part”, “no fall behind explorer”, “regarding products as continuous envolution life”are our philosophy.

Each new product of CFriend is together with million times of tests and calculations. Each piece of product has been strictly tested, any non-conforming products into markets are not allowed. CFriend is paying more attention to sustainable development, such as how to design and manufacture excellent products, offer which kind of practical and delicate service to customers, how to work with excellent suppliers, how to evaluate risks and chances and how to fulfill our social responsibility.

CFriend Vision:Build world-class power product brand and create enterprise of hundred years.

Mission:Customer will add value based on our products and services;Shareholders and employees will benefit from enterprise's development.

CFriend Core Value:Pursuit of excellence,daring to innovation;insisting in trust and goodness, multielement and compatipility.

CFriend Product Philosophy:Strive for The Best, Continuous Improvement.

CFriend Customer Philosophy:We offer outstanding service; Our customer will be free of worries.

CFriend Management Philosophy:Consciousness for the best is from the outside to the inside; both the whole situation and the details will be thoroughly checked.